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“Natalie provided catering services for our rehearsal dinner. She had very helpful suggestions when we were deciding on the menu, and she and her staff were extremely professional. The food was excellent and everyone loved it. Natalie also coordinated the bar for our wedding and it was very well done. I highly recommend her for any event you're planning!

Stephen and Tara - married Nov 2009”

The Willey's

"Married in November 2005

A wedding is without a doubt one of the most stressful events that you'll experience in your lifetime.  The menu, the floral arrangements, the priest, the venue......all keeping your guests interests in mind let alone trying to plan it all in a foreign country.

Simply put Natalie Chen eased all of those stresses.  Her approach was friendly yet knowledgeable and was willing to work with whatever budget and ideas we presented.  Having a knowledge of the area and a rapport with the people, our cherished day not only passed without any surprises but excelled all expectations.  The decor was outstanding, the food exquisite and the memories long lasting all thanks to Natalie.

Bryan Willey"

From LeVar & Erika

"Natalie Chen made our dreams come true. She is a first-rate wedding
planner. We got married in April of 2009 and people are STILL talking
about our wedding. Everything was perfect- the decor, the flowers,
the food, the name it! You can rest assured that if you
hire her you will not regret it. She takes an enormous amount of
pride in her work and is one of the hardest working people I know.
From the moment Natalie begins working with you she has one primary
goal -- to make you happy. She goes above and beyond to please her
customers. Natalie was able to help us stay within our budget and
still have a wedding that exceeded all of our expectations.

LeVar & Erika, Married in April 2009"


From Tricia and Steve

Thank you so much for the help planning and executing our wedding. We were a little nervous getting married in another country, but you made it so easy that when it came time to the week of the wedding we weren't stressed or nervous at all.
We chose to get married and stay at Sea Grapes on Discovery Bay. The property was beautiful, but our wedding was too large for the house staff to accommodate. After searching around we found Natalie Chen through our villa rental agency. I interviewed several other wedding planners, but none were as friendly and open to our budget as Natalie. After a few email exchanges, we talked on the phone and I knew she was the one for us.
 As the wedding planning progressed, I got a little nervous again because it's hard to judge flowers and sites on the computer. Steve and I decided to make a last minute weekend trip to Jamaica just to check out the property. We alerted Natalie that we would be in the area the next day and she dropped everything and arranged meetings with everyone related to the wedding. After that weekend, I knew I had nothing to worry about.
 On the wedding day, Natalie did exactly what you would expect a top-notch wedding coordinator to do. She arranged everything and we didn't worry about any detail whatsoever.
 Natalie knows everybody in the area and is very well respected. She is friendly, smart, well-organized, and willing and ready to please.
Thank you, Natalie for making our wedding day special for us, our families, and friends. Our families can't wait to go back. It's all they talk about these days. We joke that we want to get married every year and have Natalie plan it each time.
 Thanks again.
 Tricia and Steve"